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Electronic Fly Killers

Electronic Fly Killers

PestX Environmental Services Ltd offers a selection of electronic fly killers for sale or for rental. These convenient devices help to eliminate the problems and health risks associated with flying insects. These electronic fly killers are especially popular in the food industry. Anywhere food is being prepared is at risk from being contaminated by the presence of flying insects. The common house fly has been known to be a carrier of diseases such as:


Electronic fly killers are a low cost and extremely convenient solution to the health risks posed by flying insects. PestX Environmental Services Ltd can sell and install an electronic fly killer in your home or business.

Electronic Fly Killers  Sales / Rental

PestX Environmental Services Ltd has a huge selection of Electronic fly killers available for sale. Our experienced team can guide and advise customers on the electronic fly killer that’s right for their property. Electronic fly killers come in a range of different models and different sizes. PestX Environmental Services Ltd guarantees the quality and longevity of our products. 


Electronic Fly Killers Service

To ensure that your electronic fly killer is running at optimum efficiency, PestX Environmental Services offers a fly killer service
contract. We will change the bulbs once annually and clean unit/replace glueboards at regular intervals. Electronic fly killers can become encrusted with bugs and this build-up can look unprofessional and unhygienic in a business environment. We only use good quality brand name shatterproof bulbs such as Philips and Silvania.

After every service, a report is completed detailing the identification and numbers of the flying insects captured.

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