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Welcome to PestX Environmental Services Ltd

PestX Environmental Services Ltd is a leading provider of quality pest control services. We have been servicing the Munster area for almost two decades. Since being established PestX Environmental Services Ltd has amassed a reputation based on our quality service and our effective pest control methods. We offer our customers a comprehensive contractual based service. We guarantee our clients absolute confidentiality and a thorough extermination of rodents, crawling and flying insects. Our staff can each boast over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry. All our employees are constantly up-skilling to remain on the very forefront of the pest control industry. PestX Environmental Services Ltd can offer their Munster clients the very best in pest control services. We deal with pests such as:

pest control pestx

Pest Control

PestX Environmental Services Ltd are highly experienced in dealing with all types of pests. Pests that can cause havoc in a business. Whether it’s rodents, birds or insects, PestX Environmental Services Ltd has the right pest control solution for you.

PestX Electronic Fly Killers

Electronic Fly Killers

Flying insects can be a real nuisance in a business. They can also pose a serious health risk in areas where food is prepared. PestX Environmental Services Ltd sell and service Electronic Fly Killers, which help to eliminate the risk posed by flying insects.

PestX Other Services

Other Services

Along with our pest control and electronic fly killer products, PestX Environmental Services Ltd also offer clients a fly screen manufacturing and fitting service. These fly screens can be fitted to cover open doorways or windows of any size.

Commercial Pest Control

For almost two decades PestX Environmental Services Ltd has been faithfully servicing the commercial sector. We offer all our commercial clients absolute confidentiality. We strive to eliminate an infestation efficiently and quickly, causing as little disruption to the day to day running of a business as possible. 

Our comprehensive contractual service provides clients with regular inspections with all relevant paperwork carried out. This ensures your business is compliant with all industry legal requirements. 

We specialise in providing service contracts for food production industry in compliance with BRC requirements.

In the Munster area, we have contracts with industries as diverse as:

Commercial Pest Control
Major Co-Ops
Fish Factories
Meat Industry
Dairy Industry
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